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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school! More photos of staff to come very soon.  Here is an amazing Christmas message we sent out last Christmas.

Picture 1 Mrs P Hoffer - Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs S Thomas - Deputy Head
Picture 3 Mrs J Leybourne - Finance Officer
Picture 4 Mrs C Williams - Administrative Assistant
Picture 5 Mrs L Hancock - Head of ASC
Picture 6 Miss J Wilson - Nursery/ALNco/Literacy
Picture 7 Mr J Dowd - KS2 & ICT leader
Picture 8 Mrs K Thomas - Nurture Teacher
Picture 9 Mr M Howells - Year 2 Teacher & FP/Numeracy leader
Picture 10 Mrs R Smith - PPA Cover & PE leader
Picture 11 Mrs L Dorey - Year 3 Teacher & Art/DT leader
Picture 12 Ms V Powys - PPA cover & Welsh leader
Picture 13 Miss S Cutts - Year 5 Teacher & Geog Leader
Picture 14 Miss S Flood - TA in Foundation Phase
Picture 15 Mrs T Taylor - TA in Foundation Phase
Picture 16 Mrs S Watkins - TA in Foundation Phase
Picture 17 Miss E Gow - TA in Foundation Phase
Picture 18 Mrs J Burston - TA in Foundation Phase
Picture 19 Miss C O' Brien - TA in Foundation Phase
Picture 20 Miss E Allen - TA in KS2
Picture 21 Mrs C Rogers - TA in KS2
Picture 22 Miss H Pulverness - TA in ASC
Picture 23 Mrs C Barry - TA in ASC
Picture 24 Mrs B Carlson - TA in ASC
Picture 25 Mrs K Caffell - TA in ASC
Picture 26 Mr S Bennett - TA in ASC
Picture 27 Mr P Gough - TA in Nurture
Picture 28 Ms M Fisher - TA in KS2
Picture 29 Mrs K Flower - Cook
Picture 30 Mrs L Langbridge - Mid Day Supervisor
Picture 31 Mrs M Smith - Mid Day Supervisor
Picture 32 Mrs S Renshaw - Mid Day Supervisor




Headteacher: Mrs P Hoffer

Acting Deputy Headteacher: Mrs E Turner




Mrs E Turner – Year 6

Miss J Phillips - Year 6

Miss S Cutts – Year 5

Mr  R Newman - Year 4

Miss C Rees - Year 4

Mr J Dowd - Year 3 / Key Stage 2 Leader

Mrs Dorey – PPA and PDG

Mr M Howells – Year 2 /Maths Leader/Foundation Phase Leader

Miss V Preece – Year 1

Miss L Pope – Reception

Mrs K Thomas – Nurture Class

Mrs L Hancock – ASC Resource Base/SLT

Miss J Wilson – Nursery/ALNco/Literacy Leader

Mrs V Powys – PPA Cover/Welsh Leader

Mrs R Smith -  PPA Cover/PE Leader


Teaching Assistants:


Mrs J Burston                   Miss C O’Brien                Miss E Gow

Miss S Flood                    Mrs S Watkins                 Mrs C Rogers                 

Mrs T Taylor                     Miss E Allan                    Miss R Hawken 

Mrs C Johnson

Mr P Gough, Mrs M Fisher – Nurture class

Mrs C Barry, Mrs B Carlson, Miss H Pulverness, Mr S Bennett, Mrs K Caffell, Miss S Burke, Mr M George – ASC Resource Base


Clerical Staff:


Finance Officer:  Mrs J Leybourne

Administrator:  Mrs C Williams


Kitchen staff:


Mrs K Flower

Mrs G Maiwell



Mid day Supervisors:


Mrs L Langbridge

Mrs M Smith

Mrs S Renshaw




Mr P Dickson