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Eisteddfod Recitation - Parti (gan Aled Richards)

Parti, parti, dw i’n dwlu ar fwyd parti.
Parti, parti, rhowch fwy o fwyd i mi.


Un pecyn o greision,
Dwy frechdan ham,
Tair tanjerin
Pedair brechdan jam…

Pum pizza poeth,
Chwe diod hyfryd,
Saith sosej tew-
Dw i’n dal yn llwglyd!

Wyth cacen flasus -
Dw i’n dechrau chwysu,
Naw sgŵp o hufen iȃ.


O na…dw i wedi chwydu!

Eisteddfod Recitation - Walking with my Iguana (by Brian Moses)

I’m walking,

with my iguana (x2)


When the temperature rises

to above eighty-five,

my iguana is looking

like he’s coming alive.


So we make it to the beach,

my iguana and me,

then he sits on my shoulder

as we stroll by the sea...


and I’m walking

with my iguana

I’m walking

With my iguana


Well if anyone sees us

we’re a big surprise,

my iguana and me

on our daily exercise,


till somebody phones

the local police,

says I've got an alligator

tied to a leash.


When I’m walking

with my iguana 

I’m walking

With my iguana


It’s the spines on his back

that make him look grim,

but he just loves to be tickled

under his chin.


And I know that my iguana

is ready for bed

when he puts on his pyjamas

and lays down his sleepy head.


And I’m walking

with my iguana

still walking

With my iguana


With my iguana...

with my iguana...

and my pirañha

and my chihuahua

and my chinchilla

and my gorilla,

my caterpillar...

and I'm walking...

with my iguana...

with my iguana...

with my iguana.

and my iguana...