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Lateness and Learning

Being late for school happens once in a while. Sometimes your alarm doesn't go off. Sometimes your not ready in time and sometimes the car might break down. Sometimes is not every day. 

There are some children in school who are late for school every day. 

This means they are missing out on important learning. 

Coming into school late is hard because you've missed important parts of a lesson and you don't know what to do in your work. 

Mrs Turner and the A-team are focusing on improving punctuality and this is why. 

The following table shows the minutes of learning lost by pupils who are persistently late over time.

Per day

Per week

Per month

Per year

5 minutes late

35 minutes

150 minutes

(2 ½ hours)

975 minutes

(16 hours)

10 minutes late

70 minutes

300 minutes

(5 hours)

1950 minutes

(32 hours)

 So, 5 minutes may not seem like a lot, but over time it adds up to lots of lost learning. 

We need to work together to achieve our target, succeed in class and be happy every day.

Parents that means you too!