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World Book Day competition 2018

It was a day like any other: the children of Springwood were preparing themselves for yet another adventure. As the daylight crept through the blinds, classrooms and book corners filled like cracks in the pavement during an April shower. Names had been called, they sat tentatively on the edge of their seats waiting, waiting, waiting for their teachers to utter the words…. “Mae’n amser darllen.”


Fist pumps echoed around the school. Through the corridors, up the stairs, under tables, on window sills, in corners and cubbies, on cushions and beanbags, flat on the floor and sat in seats, children began to open their books.

The sound of pages turning rang around the school. Silence fell. Only the odd cough and splutter could be heard. Reading time had begun. A time of pleasure, a time of fun and a time of adventure!


Suddenly, without warning, the air filled with atmosphere. Swashbuckling pirates sailed the seven seas of the year 4 carpet. Astronauts floated around year 6 looking for evidence of extraterrestrials. Brave explorers swung on vines through year 2 cloakroom jungle. Sneaky burglars tiptoed through a giants kitchen in the reception home corner. Fearless divers swam the big blue ocean, darting through jellyfish forests of year 3. 

Two super heros, fast as lightning zoomed across the night sky in pursuit of sensory room villains.

Even fantastical fairies floated and fussed, entranced by the beauty of the year 1 reading corner.


Every child in Springwood loves to read, because every child in Springwood loves an adventure!


The pupils were asked why reading time (amser darllen) is their favourite time of day. They all ‘agreed that it’s the only time they get to choose what they read. They love the freedom of choosing their own adventure and they wanted to show what kind of adventures they go on every day when they get lost in a book.