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Nursery- Cardiff (Miss Price)

Welcome to Nursery - Dosbarth Cardiff!


Welcome to Nursery, we are pleased to be back and welcome you all for a term full of exploring, playing, investigating and learning!


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Nursery have had a fantastic first Summer term. We have been looking at growing our own food and eating healthy. We have explored the different parts of plants, and how we can look after them.


We have planted beans and peas in our vegetable patch in the Nursery garden, and read the story of Jasper's Beanstalk to learn all about looking after our plants. We discovered that plants take a long, long time to grow!


We read the story of Handa's Surprise and tried all of the different fruits from the story, they were delicious! We even acted out the story and had lots of fun pretending to be Handa and the animals that take the fruit from her basket. 

We thought of different ways we can be kind and considerate to our friends, just like Handa was to her friend Akeyo, and we wrote our ideas on our drawn-around hands. 


We have explored butterfly life cycles through the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and even had our own caterpillars in our classroom! We have been fascinated as they made their cocoons and emerged as beautiful butterflies, that we have released on the school grounds. 


We have used lots of different fruit to help us with our maths, where we have been looking at dice patterns and using our eyes to subitise, then collecting the right amount of fruit to match the number on the die.


We are so looking forward to having more learning and fun in the next term!



Our Learning so far...

We have had such a busy and fun term! We have just produced our wonderful movie 'The Christmas Story' together with Reception. We had a letter from Father Christmas asking us to find out about why we have Christmas, he sent us a book too called 'The First Christmas'. We discovered that Christmas is all about baby Jesus being born!


We learnt to tell the story and also acted it out - we had lots of fun wearing the different costumes! We also had a Christmas post office and sorted out the parcels into 'heavy' and 'light' as well as helping sort and deliver the letters to the right numbers! We were all superstars when it came to filing our special show and sang and danced wonderfully. If you are a parent, the link to our show has been sent to you on Dojo. Here's to another term full of fun, exploring and learning in 2021!



After half term, our topic was 'Everyday Heroes'. After talking about what makes a hero all the children named their Mum and Dad as their heroes so that's who we learnt about!


First we thought about all the jobs our parents do for us; we had lots of fun role playing in the home corner cooking, washing up, doing the washing and pegging it out to dry (we got really good at pairing socks!) and even washed our cars outside!



We also explored 'fixing' things and loved taking things apart with screwdrivers to see what was inside!



We read the books 'Why I love my Mummy' and 'Why I love my Daddy' and made books of our own! We also used our art skills to look carefully at photos of our Dads and painted portraits of them.








Our first topic this year was 'Our Splendid Selves!' we thought about how wonderful each of us is and how we can make each other feel happy.


We read the story, The Colour Monster and explored a colour every few days, along with the matching emotion. We finished with a colour party and had so much fun!


Who's that knocking on the door?

Please click here to see Miss Wilson and Amy play a maths game to consolidate the understanding and use of the words 'more' and 'fewer'. Have a go at home!

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear

We've been learning lots of songs and rhymes this term but we're getting really good at 'Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear' and we've even been acting it out with our teddies! Learning rhymes like this helps your child develop their language skills and vocabulary as well as being lots of fun!