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Welcome to Nursery - Dosbarth Cardiff!

Home Learning

As school has now closed we have prepared home learning packs for pupils to keep their brains busy over the next few weeks. Please see below for some wonderful pictures of learning that's been going on at home - da iawn everyone! 


Project books have been sent home with the pupils. We will be updating maths challenges and phonics weekly. 


Miss Wilson is doing a weekly carpet time from her house! Please log in to Class Dojo and go to Class Story to see them.  (If you are not able to access Class Dojo, please email me at and I will set you up). I will be giving the children some ideas of things to do that week but please see below for our weekly phonics and maths challenges. Have a lovely week!


Our wonderful Home Learning so far...

Who's that knocking on the door?

Please click here to see Miss Wilson and Amy play a maths game to consolidate the understanding and use of the words 'more' and 'fewer'. Have a go at home!

Don't forget, there will be a bedtime story on our YouTube channel every week night at 7pm, read by our teachers. Just follow the link below!

When at home it could be useful to stick to a routine here is an idea of one that you could follow or adapt:

  • Breakfast

  • Discuss daily plans

  • Maths time: practise counting forwards and backwards (ask your child to show you number ping pong!), number songs, throwing dice (can your child tell you how many spots without counting them? Can they clap/tap that amount?)

  • Game/movement break

  • Mark making: can your child practise their name? If they’re not ready, encourage them to make zig zags, wavy lines, circles and crosses.

  • Lunch time

  • Project time: can you complete one of the challenges in the home learning grid?

  • Sharing a Story together

  • Free play (outdoors if you can!) 

  • Screen time

  • Tea time


Here are some useful websites too:

Maths - a collection of counting songs. - numberblocks are brilliant at teaching number concepts!


English Some of these games will be too tricky for Nursery children but the matching sounds ones are good, as is Phoneme pop if your child is beginning to recognise letters and their corresponding sounds. Lots of different literacy and maths activities! - Lots of fantastic songs, games and episodes. Please note, we have been concentrating on the sounds s,a,t,p,i,n. 


Yoga Time! | On the Farm - Kids Yoga and Nursery Rhymes

Easy, fun farm themed yoga with songs and stories! We love Cosmic Yoga in Nursery.



This term our topics are Dungeons and Dragons then Down on the Farm. 


 Please see below for the skills your child will be learning this term in Nursery.


If you want to see all the great things we've been doing this term, please click on this link or scroll down for our Learning Journey so far! 


We want Nursery to be a happy time for you and your child so we have an open door policy,

staff are available at the end of each session should you wish to discuss anything. If more than 5 minutes is required, staff would prefer a parent to make an appointment.


Click the Twitter bird for updated school information and photos too.


Our Learning Journey this term (so far!)


We've been having so much fun and learning lots of new skills through our Dungeons and Dragons topic! We found a castle in our classroom so came up with lots of questions such as 'How do you build a castle?', 'Who lives in a castle?' and 'Are all dragons nasty?'. We've spent the last few weeks finding out the answers to these questions and lots more! 


First of all, we had to visit a Castle! We chose to go to Caerphilly castle, we were very excited about going on the bus!


When we got there it was a bit scary as there were dragons breathing smoke! They even had baby dragons which had just hatched.



We looked at our map to find out where in the castle we were. 


We had a brilliant castle trip, and it gave us lots of ideas of things we wanted to do and find out about back in Nursery.


















When we got back we desgined our own castles and built them! 



Great team work and balancing boys! 


We also sketched some castles, thinking carefully about the kinds of lines or shapes we would use.


... and had lots of fun playing with our small world castle! We learnt lots of new vocabulary as well as position words. 

Skills and Experiences this term

Through our topics Dungeons and Dragons  and Down on the Farm your child will have a range of opportunities and experiences both indoors and outdoors to learn and develop the following skills. Both of these topics will be child-led and begin with meaningful contexts; we will of course be visiting both a castle and a farm!


Health and Wellbeing

I can recognise and articulate what I am feeling and thinking.

I can recognise and respect the views, values and rights of others.

I am beginning to take steps to support my own health and wellbeing.

I understand how to keep safe. 


Language, Literacy and Communication

I can identify letter sounds through exploration of their shape. (The sounds we will be learning to hear and recognise are: s,a,t,p,i,n)

I can recognise familiar words such as my own name.

I can make marks to tell a story.

I can take part in sound and word play. 

I can retell a familiar story.

I can make meaning from pictures in books and link them to my own experiences.

I can use language and mark making in my role play. (We will be making our own castle!)

Welsh:I can speak clearly using simple words, greetings and expressions. 

I can use the pictures in a Welsh reading book to help me understand new vocabulary.

I can use Welsh in my role play.


Mathematics and Numeracy

I can recognise and talk about arrangements of 3 objects on a fives frame without counting.

I can recognise and talk about numicon shapes 1 to 5.

I can add or subtract items from a set and talk about how it has changed.

I can understand and use the words tall, short, taller, shorter, tallest and shortest.

I can use and understands the terms 'heavier than', 'lighter than' and 'same weight as'.

I can collect a group of items, draw them and talk about my collection.



I am beginning to recognise how people’s actions can improve or damage the environment.

I am beginning to identify some of the ways that children and young people in the past have had different lives to me.

I am beginning to identify the distinctive features of places, environments and landscapes through first-hand exploration.

I will have the opportunity to explore and appreciate key celebrations, traditions and ways of life in Wales and the wider world. 


Creative Development

I will develop and use my understanding of colour, line, tone, texture, pattern, shape and form.

I will explore and experiment with a variety of techniques and materials. (We will be exploring castle tapestries!)

I can perform movements or patterns including those from traditional Welsh dances.

I will compose and perform a sound story using un-tuned instruments.


Science and Technology 

I can identify the similarities and differences between myself and other children.

I will identify what I want to find out and how to do it.

I will think about 'what might happen if...?' and how I will know if something has worked.

I will use technology to gather and show information.

I will use simple programmable technology.

I will identify and sort animals and plants that live outside.


Our Learning Last Term...

Our topic '3,2,1 Blast off!' was out of this world! We had a video message from Captain Buzzlight asking us to become astronauts in training! 

We said 'YES!' and he asked us to research space so we used books and the internet to find out everything we wanted to know. Captain Buzzlight sent us astronaut training booklets so we could write down everything we were learning. He sent us emails and video messages with lots of different challenges! Our classroom even had a space station!

We learnt that astronauts need to be fit and healthy in their body and their minds so we thought of things that keep us happy and how we can help others. We also learnt how to exercise and the foods that keep us healthy, here we are mashing bananas to make banana and oat asteroids!



At the end of the three weeks Captain Buzzlight himself flew back to Earth to present us with our Astronaut  Graduation certificates! We showed him and our families everything we had learnt and it was an intergalactic celebration!

This is us ready to go to our graduation with our astronaut helmets on!



We started off this term with 'If you go down to the woods today....' We started our topic by bringing in our teddy bears from home and showing them all the fun learning we do in Nursery! 




We used our iPad to take photos of each other with our bears!





We also met Woody the Springwood bear! We take it in turns to take him home for the weekend and take him on adventures - he loves visiting our homes and has made so many new friends!


We finished this topic with a Teddy Bear's picnic that the children organised by themselves; from planning where we would hold it, making shopping lists, baking cakes and making the invitations!

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear

We've been learning lots of songs and rhymes this term but we're getting really good at 'Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear' and we've even been acting it out with our teddies! Learning rhymes like this helps your child develop their language skills and vocabulary as well as being lots of fun!