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Reception- Powys (Mr Williams)

Welcome to Reception - Dosbarth Powys! 

This half term we will be focussing on 'Everyday Heroes' and 'Christmas is Coming!'

We will be thinking and learning about people that always help us and keep us safe. Every Wednesday, we will take part in 'Welly Wednesday', please ensure your child(ren) bring a pair of wellies to school with them. On Thursday, we have PE outdoors (weather depending). Please can your child come to school in sports kit with suitable footwear. 


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Many thanks, 

Mr J Williams. 

   Welcome to Dosbarth Powys


Please keep in touch on class dojo or email me on

You can share photos of the children's learning, I can answer any questions you may have or I can set the children more learning if needed.


Thank you!  smiley

Hi everyone!

Please have a look on our class dojo to see a message from your new teacher!


Thank you!😊

Please practise reading these tricky words:

I   no   go   into   no   to   he   she  me   we   be   he   you   are   her  was   all  they   my   said   have  like   so   do   

Dear parents/carers

We have access to a PE  resource for you to use at home. There are resources for both KS1 and KS2. It is up to you how you want to use them. Please have a look and have a go. Don't forget to tweet or send in any pictures of your activities. 


Web link:

school address:

Password: springwood

Bluebirds from Home Festival resources


Welcome to Cardiff City FC Foundation’s #BluebirdsFromHome Schools Festival. 
Cardiff City FC Foundation is the official charity of Cardiff City FC and our goal is to support children, young people and families achieve their full potential.  
This pack has been designed for your child to experience fun engaging educational lessons across three curriculum areas including having an opportunity to compete against Cardiff City First team and Cardiff City FC Women’s team players in physical activity challenges.   
Monday through to Thursday have been broken down into three parts, one well-being lesson, one either in literacy or numeracy lesson and a physical activity challenge. These lessons and activities have been created to help support your child to be active and boost their development and learning.  
Friday has been reserved for a fun filled day of physical activities as a lot of children will be missing out on taking part in Sports Day. There are six rounds of activities with an option of two activities per round. These activities have been designed to require little of no equipment, but any equipment required should be items you can find around the house.  
A breakdown of the week can be found at the bottom of the page. We’d love to see your child and family taking part so please share your experiences throughout the week by posting your child’s progress on social media tagging @CCFC_Foundation using the hashtag #BluebirdsFromHome. 
Please find an introduction from Cardiff City FC First team Captain Sean Morrison on the link below, good luck and have fun!!


I hope you enjoy these activities set by Cardiff City FC. Please share any photos from this festival through Class dojo, so that I can put them onto the webpage.

Active travel school link

Sun safety home learning project

Still image for this video
Important advice from a reception pupil about sun safety!

Home learning week 11

Week 10

As it is half term next week, there will be no home learning. Have a lovely week and send some pictures of what you are doing during the week if you can! Most importantly, stay safe! If you need anything, please contact me on dojo.

Thank you

Miss Preece 😊

Practise writing these words:











Week 8 pictures from home

Some lovely home learning from week 6 and 7

Practise writing these words:








Challenge phase 3 sounds:










Home learning photos week 5/6

Practise writing these words:













So lovely to see some of the reception children face timing eachother! Look at their little smiles!! 😊

Home learning week 5

Lovely reading from a pupil in reception!

Still image for this video

Practise writing these words:














Home learning

Practise writing these words:













Home learning

5th April 2020


Practise writing these words:













3rd April 2020- Max has been playing shake and spill. Can you write all the calculations you can see? You might see 2 red counters and 1 yellow counter, these calculations could be represented like this: 2+1=3 / 1+2=3 / 3=2+1 / 3=1+2

2nd April 2020- Some ideas to extend daily maths learning

1st April 2020- Max has made a marvellous mistake when putting the numicon in order, can you spot it and explain what you can see?

1st April 2020- More home learning from reception!

31st March 2020. Lovely learning at home!

Max was getting lonely in school, he misses his reception class so has come to Miss Preece's house! He might ask you to help him with his learning so keep checking on our class page and on dojo!

Phonics activities of the week, week 2

Maths problems week 2

Monday 30th March 2020


Phase 2 phonics revision


Can you read these words? 

sat, sap, pat, tap

sit, sip, nip, nap, map 

tag, gap, gas, not, Mog, cot, cap, kid, kit

ten, pen, sun, cup, rip, rug, kick, sock

had, him, big, bed, huff, puff, bell, doll, mess, pass


Can you read these sentences?

A peg on the sock.

The dog was sick.

Pass the ball to me.

Monday 30th March 2020


Can you practise writing the tricky words:












Challenge: Write a short sentence using one of the tricky words!

25th March 2020

Everyone has been sent individual hwb emails and passwords for their children to start using it at home! The link for how to use it is below. Any questions just ask me using dojo! Thank you!

Here is some simple guidance on how to log into hwb!

Phonics activities of the week, week 1

Maths Problems of the day week 1

We love reading oxford owl books during our guided group reading time and they are now allowing free access to eBooks on their website. Click on the below link and then on 'join us' to be able to access them.



Useful resources for literacy learning

Useful maths resources used in school

Daily mental maths and other activities


  • Add and subtract 1. What is 5 add 1? What is 6 subtract 1? Children to work out mentally when asked an add 1 or subtract 1 problem within 10. 
  • Ask your child to quickly show different finger patterns, can you show me 5, 8, 10. Children to hold up correct amount of fingers when asked.
  • Counting forwards and backwards within 20.
  • Ten frame flash cards.
  • Dice pattern flash cards.
  • Ping pong numbers- Child or adult to start on a number, pass the number back and forth while counting forwards or backwards. 
  • Shape naming 2D (triangle, square, rectangle, circle) and 3D (cylinder, sphere, cube, cuboid) these are easy to get hold of from the recycling bin! Can they sort them correctly?
  • Draw repeating patterns of up to 3 colours or use lego or blocks to build a repeating pattern tower, use different pasta shells for a pattern.

Here are some of the maths and literacy songs we sing in school, these links are on the home learning grid document but you can follow them here!


Months of the year


Range of maths games (repeating patterns, shape and number games will link to what children have been doing in school)


Phonics phase 2 songs


Tricky words songs


Blending songs


Counting song

Reception home learning grid

Don't forget, there will be a bedtime story on our YouTub channel every week day at 7pm, read by our teachers. Just follow the link below. 

We enjoyed our trip to the hub and because the sun finally came out we were able to go to the park!

We have been learning about arable farms. We designed our own and then used the block play to build them!

We used book creator on the ipads in groups to choose images, record our voices and type the words. Have a look at them below, can you hear your voice?

Our book about Wales (Group 5)

Still image for this video

Our book about Wales (Group 4)

Still image for this video

Our book about Wales (Group 3)

Still image for this video

Our book about Wales (Group 2)

Still image for this video

Our book about Wales (Group 1)

Still image for this video

New sounds we are learning in Reception!


sh    ch    th    qu    ng    ai    ee    oa    or    ar    oi    ow



We are enjoying finding out about Wales through ICT

Spring term B


During our first week next term we will be doing 'Cymru am byth' where the children will be learning Welsh songs, doing Welsh dancing and some Welsh writing ready for the Eisteddfod.


The next 3 weeks our project will be 'Down on the farm' where children will be learning about all farms and finding a place to grow their own seeds!


The last 2 weeks of term will be a project about Easter, we will learn the Easter story and all about new life!

Our Dragon, Dungeons and damsels learning journey

Learning Welsh songs in Reception!

There was an old dragon who swallowed a knight story map

New sounds we are learning in Reception!


We have now moved on to phase 3 sounds and tricky words during our phonics sessions. The sounds we have looked at so far are-


j   v   w   x   y   z   zz  qu  ch


Keep an eye on the page for more sounds and the tricky words.

Here are some links to some of the phonics songs we sing in class... (tricky words) (blending) (blending)


Please keep reading at home with your child and encourage them to blend CVC (consonant- vowel- consonant) words!

Welsh flags using sketching skills and our understanding of texture

Reception at Caerphilly Castle

Still image for this video

In the New Year we will start off with a week of 'Hopes and Dreams' thinking about New Year's resolutions. We will then begin a project called 'Dragons, Dungeons and Damsels' 

Our focus for the new curriculum will be Humanities. We will be doing a science project and lots of art skills linked to this topic. We will be learning lots of new maths skills and expanding our phonics knowledge. 

We are looking forward to this project!

We have really enjoyed our Christmas Nativity project and were amazing when we did our Christmas show for the parents! This is our learning journey...


Our Christmas Nativity learning journey

Hunting for materials for animal homes

Our next class topic is all about autumn and animals that hibernate. We have started off by going on a walk to find the best natural materials we can use to build a house for an animal. We will be learning about this topic for 3 weeks.

New class topic

Our new class topic is Space where we are learning new skills while finding out about space and looking at the story 'Whatever Next?' We have looked at the work of Peter Thorpe and are building up to having our own piece of art in this style, come and see it at our space exbo on Thursday 24th at 2pm.

Peter Thorpe Rockets

Our learning journey for the Bears topic

Autumn topics overview

Keeping informed

Keep a look out on Springwood twitter on #springpowis to see photos of the children and their learning. We also use class dojo as a way to reward the children and for parents to communicate or share anything. 


In reception the children have a phonics session every day where they learn new sounds, tricky words, how to blend and read a word and how to form the letters. The sounds the children have learned so far are:

s  a  t  p  i  n  m  d  g  o  c  k  ck  e u  r  h  b  f  ff  l  ll  ss 

We have begun to blend some sounds to read the words:

I  no  go  into  the  an  am  as  at  it  in  is  if  and  to  said  my


New sounds and words will be added to our class page as the children learn them. 


Our class Monkey!

We have a cheeky monkey in our class called Max who really wants to go home with each of the children in reception. The children will be taking turns to take Max home every weekend and then they can share what Max did with the class. This is a good opportunity for the children to use their speaking and listening skills. You can also share photos of your child and Max on class dojo. 

Say hello to Max!