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Welcome to our class page where you will find lots of useful and interesting information about our class and what we have been learning about this term.                                                                          


Hunting for materials for animal homes

Hunting for materials for animal homes 1
Our next class topic is all about autumn and animals that hibernate. We have started off by going on a walk to find the best natural materials we can use to build a house for an animal. We will be learning about this topic for 3 weeks.

New class topic

Our new class topic is Space where we are learning new skills while finding out about space and looking at the story 'Whatever Next?' We have looked at the work of Peter Thorpe and are building up to having our own piece of art in this style, come and see it at our space exbo on Thursday 24th at 2pm.

Peter Thorpe Rockets

Our learning journey for the Bears topic

Our learning journey for the Bears topic 1

Autumn topics overview

Keeping informed

Keep a look out on Springwood twitter on #springpowis to see photos of the children and their learning. We also use class dojo as a way to reward the children and for parents to communicate or share anything. 


In reception the children have a phonics session every day where they learn new sounds, tricky words, how to blend and read a word and how to form the letters. The sounds the children have learned so far are:

s  a  t  p  i  n  m  d  g  o  c  k  ck  e u  r  h  b  f

We have begun to blend some sounds to read the words:

I  no  go  into  the  an  am  as  at  it  in  is  if  and  to


New sounds and words will be added to our class page as the children learn them. 


Our class Monkey!

We have a cheeky monkey in our class called Max who really wants to go home with each of the children in reception. The children will be taking turns to take Max home every weekend and then they can share what Max did with the class. This is a good opportunity for the children to use their speaking and listening skills. You can also share photos of your child and Max on class dojo. 

Say hello to Max!

Say hello to Max! 1