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Worried about moving to your new class. Would you love to ask your new teacher questions? 

Click the page below to ask your questions for you new teacher for September 2015. 

We are having some tech issues with the Paddlet. PLease write down your notes and post to the Pupil Voice box on the Investors in Pupils display (where we put the stickers). 


Questions for Mrs Turner

Are you a strict teacher? - Izak

How old are you Mrs Turner - Dylan

When people are upset do you help them or leave them upset? Adam

What colour eyes have you? Brooke

What colour hair do you have? Tyler

Are you a nice teacher? Nicolas

What animals do you like? Jacob

Do you like doing lots of Maths? Robyn

Can we have footstools under the tables for our feet? Tom

Can we have a pet goldfish? Rebecca

If someone hurt themselves what would you do? Olivia

Do you like sports? Joel

What will we be doing most in year 6? Jessica

What type of personality do you have? Haydar

Will we be doing any art? Phoebe

When did you start to teach? Priyana

What is your favourite food? Tayah

What is your favourite subject? Corey

Are we going to get to go swimming? Owain 

Are you funny? Sophia

What kind of rewards will we get if achieve an Investors in Pupils target? Millie

Will we be doing a lot of science? Jay

Will we be doing musical lesson? Katy

What is your favourite car? Callum M

If we work hard can we have reward time or golden time? Robyn

Do you have any pet? If so what type are they? Jessica

Do you like Bug Club, Mathletics or Hwb? If so what is your favourite? Izak

Do you have any children? Tyler

What is your favourite author? Mrs Rodgers

Who is your favourite sports team? Mr Dowd

What is your greatest achievement? Dylan

If we are good can we have picnics in Roath Park? Rebecca