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Who's Who


Acting Headteacher: Mrs E.Turner 

Acting Deputy Headteacher: Mr D.Farrell


Nursery Team

Teacher - Miss J Wilson (ALNCo) and Miss E Price

Teaching Assistants - Mrs V Conway and Miss L Crowe


Reception Team

Teacher - Mr J. Williams

Teaching Assistants - Mrs T Baldwin, Miss L Stevens and Miss K Stockton 


Year 1 Team

Teachers - Mrs E Dorey and Mrs Breakspear
Teaching Assistant - Mrs S Watkins,  Miss H Star and Miss T Waters


Year 2 Team

Teacher - Mr G Halfpenny

Teaching Assistant -  Mrs C. Lloyd- Hill and Mrs P Evans 


Year 3 Team

Teacher - Mr M Howells 

Teaching Assistant -  Mrs C. Johnson and Mr C Ashton


Year 4 Team

Teacher - Mrs R Smith and Mr D Farrell (DHT)

Teaching Assistant - Miss L Woods, Mrs R. D  and Mr R Edmonds


Year 5 Team

Teacher - Mrs L Rees and Miss S. Turner 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs J. Perrington and Mrs Edwards


Year 6 Team

Teacher - Mrs C Kinsey (KS2 lead)

Teaching Assistant - Mrs C Rogers and Miss H Jama


PPA Teacher - Mrs N Alam 


ASC Team 

Teachers - Mrs L Hancock (SLT) and Miss Preece

HLTA's - Mrs C Barry, Mrs K Caffell, Ms S Lewis

Teaching Assistants - Mrs B Carlson, Mr C Ashton, Miss S Burke,  Mrs E Barry, Mrs M Fisher, Miss S McGlynn, Mrs L Parkes, Miss H Forte and Mrs S Perkins


Wellbeing Provision

Teacher - Mrs K Thomas

Teaching Assistants - Mrs R Greenslade and Ms C Crouch



Clerical Staff

Finance Officer - Mrs J Leybourne

Administrator - Ms C Williams


Kitchen staff

Mrs K Flower


Mid day Supervisors:

Mrs L Langbridge

Mrs S Renshaw



Mr T Jones